There is a term retro-future. Well, this is retro-past. Although the actual prehistoric people in this 1894 cartoon from Punch look very much like the Flintstones or any later depictions of our cave ancestors, the fauna of the planet Earth is very different from what our kids see in the “dinosaur” books. I am also pretty sure that the axe is not from the correct time period…


This seems to be an all-purpose political caricature. Simply replace the titles on the rolls of paper and you should be all set. I presume that the headsman resembles someone from the early 20th century, and that the original drawing in Puck was somewhat specific to the situation, but who cares?

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Clown decapitation trick

December 30, 2011

“The poor clown who suffers the death penalty twelve times a week usually enters the ring, and after performing certain actobatic feats, commits some crime agains his fellows, for which he is condemned to die. He is placed apon the block, his head is covered with a cloth. Harlequin approaches as executioner, and begins to [...]

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