This was obviously taken around Halloween time. The face is blurred to protect the innocent.

They sell interesting stuff at Walgreens. I assume it’s real??


A French medical curiosity book poster (1883),  featuring urinary tract and bladder ailments. It is possible that the book was meant to be of use to medical profesionals while also creating some interest in the general public.


The Princess Bust Developer and Bust Cream or Food (1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue)

October 8, 2012

A New Scientific Help to Nature. Combined with the use of the bust cream or food, forms a full, firm, well developed bust. It is designed to build up and fill out shrunken and undeveloped tissues, form a rounded, plump, perfectly developed bust, producing a beautiful figure. If nature has not favored you with that [...]

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“How strongly it beats!”

June 12, 2012

A CAUTION TO FAIR SAMARITANS Sitting pensive on a rustic bench, young Smith sees those pretty girls from the Hall coming his way, and, on the chance of their belonging to an “Ambulance Class” (which they do), he suffers himself to be overcome by the heat (58° in the Sun) and falls prostrate just as [...]

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Sheep’s liver

April 29, 2012

Haruspicy was a big deal in many ancient societies. Just how serious these people were about divination through careful examination of animal entrails? Take a look at this object. This is an Etruscan bronze model of a sheep’s liver. You can just imagine it being passed around in a classroom at an ancient college of [...]

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April 12, 2012

This curious facility was used in the late 19th century for medical purposes, such as treating scars.

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Anti-wrinkle mask (1910)

February 10, 2012

“Device for removing the deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose, for removing bagginess under the eyes and for shaping the lips.” Forget the wrinkles, what woman would ever want to take off such an attractive looking mask?

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Early Exercise Machines

January 13, 2012

  Very curious exercise machines. My favorite is the one that allows one to hang sideways. Surely, there must be an easier way to achieve this rather than built an entire apparatus.

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Heat stroke studies & animal cruelty

January 12, 2012

Experiments with this apparatus for the study of heat stroke were conducted by two French researchers, Laveran and Regnard. While the heat rose successively, one of the dogs remained motionless, while the other, the one in the wheel, was forced to follow the more or less accelerated motion of the latter, and to perform a [...]

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Ozone treatment

December 27, 2011

Today the effects of ozone on humans are generally seen as, at the very least, not beneficial. However,  the discovery of this triatomic molecule in the late 19th century there was a bit of an ozone-related health craze. In this picture, patients are happily inhaling artificially produced ozone in a special room at the Saint [...]

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