Hares and Rabbits Act of 1880 and its Little Victims

Hares and Rabbits may be killed and taken by any of the ordinary methods except dynamite or the catapult, from April 1 to Feb.29, at any hour between sunrise and sunset convenient to the occupier, or, where there is a “concurrent right”, to the owner.”

The Ground Game Act of 1880 that was passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom in 1880 by Gladstone’s government, as a result of many complaints over many decades about the intolerable amount of damage that farmers’ crops were suffering from damage by wild rabbits and hares and landowners not allowing farmland occupiers to kill them because of game preservation. This law gives land occupiers the unalienable right to kill rabbits and hares on the land which they occupy. (Wikipedia)

Curiously, the law was followed by outbursts of Victorian sentimentality. The Punch magazine published a series of cartoons aiming at the heartless members of the Parliament. The law remains largely unchanged until now.

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