Heat stroke studies & animal cruelty

Experiments with this apparatus for the study of heat stroke were conducted by two French researchers, Laveran and Regnard.

While the heat rose successively, one of the dogs remained motionless, while the other, the one in the wheel, was forced to follow the more or less accelerated motion of the latter, and to perform a more or less laborious motive work. Now the following is what was found in these experiments: While the immovable dog supported, without discomfort, a temperature that rose from 36 to 46 degrees, the one is the wheel became ill at the end of thirty minutes. Its rectal temperature was 42 degrees, it respired 260 times per minute, and the beatings of its heart were so rapid that it was impossible to count them. When, after half an hour, it was taken from the wheel, it gradually recovered, but when, on the contrary, the experiment was pursued or the temperature carried to 55 degrees at the end of the same time, the symptoms became still more marked and the dog died a few minutes after being taken from the wheel The other dog, the one that remained immovable, had not yet suffered. At 60 degrees, both dogs succumbed, but the one that did not move resisted for several hours.

Personally, the only difficulty I would have in this case is whom to place into the wheel first: Mr. Laveran or Mr. Regnard.

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