How to hide a will (and dwell in satisfaction in its contents)

After Lord S—’s death, the will and first codicil were readily forthcoming, mainly because they were in safer keeping than his lordship’s. The second and most important codicil, however, took no less than three years to find! After the Earl’s death the bed on which he slept was unceremoniously pitched into the lumber-room, and it was by the merest accident that a servant at length discovered the long-lost codicil, cunningly tied to the bar of the bedstead leg. In the photo, we see the very string that held the will in position. The paper was found folded neatly, and resting on the ledge formed by the bar where it meets the bed-post. As his lordship lay in bed, it was his delight to withdraw the will from its hiding-place (he could do so easily), and either dwell with satisfaction on its contents, or else make any slight alterations that pleased him. It was the poor man’s only hobby.

As the missing codicil contained legacies and bequests to a very large amount, its ultimate production caused a great deal of excitement. And therefore, in order that the whole romantic story might readily be demonstrated before the Probate Court, a complete model of the entire bedstead was made on the scale of one inch to a foot.

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